UCSF Medical Sciences Building Improvements

The Design Partnership renovated UCSF’s existing research laboratory facility that is located on its Parnassus campus in two phases that upgraded its mechanical and structural systems to comply with San Francisco’s building code and modern material and technical standards.

The design of mechanical systems upgraded the existing ventilation and air-conditioning systems to meet UCSF’s current standards for new air-intake and distribution systems with minimal impact on UCSF’s existing operations and building systems.

The design of the new seismic structural upgrades, IT upgrades, and ADA upgrades of the UCSF’s existing Moffitt Hospital and UCSF’s existing medical science building were designed and constructed as one structure by incorporating a new fifteen story seismic joint that avoids intrusion into the existing medical facilities and research laboratories.

Location: San Francisco, CA
Client: UCSF
Size: 350,000 sq. ft.